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Posted by Mikel on April 8, 2011 at 9:30 AM

Imported Strain :

 Janssen Bros. - MiddleDistance ( Merckx)

Corneel Horemans - MiddleDistance (Zwarte Buffle)

Gerad Koopman - MiddleDistance  (Noble)

StafVan Reet - MIddle Distance(Daniel)

Loius Vanloon - MiddleDistance (Baluwe)

Gust Hofkens - MiddleDistance (Driebender)

Karel Meulemans - MiddleDistance (Kadet)

Jan Grondelaers - MiddleDistance (Eenog)

Houben - Middle Distance(Sony)

Huysken Van Riel - MiddleDistance (Late Bange)

Desmet Matthys - Long Distance (Wonder 888)

Staf Dusardyn - Long Distance (DelbarPigeons)

Maurice Delbar - LongDistance (St. Vincent)

Robert Venus - Long Distance(Supercrusson)

Georeg Carteus - LongDistance

Louis Paperman - LongDistance 

Gomaire Verbruggen- Long Distance

Rolf Schlomer - Long Distance(Lady Barcelona & Emirates)

Raymund Hermes - LongDistance

Strains Janssen Bros. - Middle Distance

( Merckx) Corneel Horemans - Middle Distance

(Zwarte Buffle) Gerad Koopman - Middle Distance

(Noble) Staf Van Reet - MIddle Distance

(Daniel) Loius Vanloon - Middle Distance

(Baluwe) Gust Hofkens - Middle Distance

(Driebender) Karel Meulemans - Middle Distance

(Kadet) Jan Grondelaers - Middle Distance

(Eenog) Houben - Middle Distance

(Sony) Huysken Van Riel - MiddleDistance

(Late Bange) Desmet Matthys -Long Distance

(Wonder 888) Staf Dusardyn -Long Distance

(Delbar Pigeons) Maurice Delbar- Long Distance

(St. Vincent) Robert Venus -Long Distance

(Supercrusson) Georeg Carteus -Long Distance

Louis Paperman - Long Distance

Gomaire Verbruggen - LongDistance

Rolf Schlomer - Long Distance

(Lady Barcelona & Emirates)Raymund Hermes - Long Distance

Van Hasten Descamp - LongDistance

(Alois Stichelbaut) Michael& Gerald Vanhee - Long Distance

(Motta) Emiel Deweerdt - LongDistance

(Emiel) Andre Lietaer - Long Distance

Silvere Toye - Long Distance

(Tarzan) Germain Imbrecht - LongDistance

Arthur Bricoux - Long Distance

Pol Bostyn - Long Distance

Noel & Serge Decroix - LongDistance

Josef Vanden Broucke - LongDistance

Andre Vanbruane - Long Distance

Paul Sion - Long Distance

Jan Aarden - Long Distance

Wim Muller - Long Distance

Antoon Vander Wegen - LongDistance

Emiel Denys - Long Distance

Charles Vander Espt - LongDistance

Schumann - Sprint Stinx –

Sprint Coleson - Sprint

Dr. IDE - Long Distance

Andrea Rossle - Middle

Marc Roosen - Long Distance

Viver Mann - Long Distance

Tournier - Long Distance

Voukart - Long Distance

Busschaert - Long Distance

Cattrysse - Long Distance

Dorden - Long Distance

 Andrea Van Bruene - Long Distance

Desmet Mathijs - Long Distance

Andrei Leithar - Long Distance

Silvere Toye - Long Distance

Eijerkamp - Sprint - MiddleDistance

Matthews - Sprin - MiddleDistance

 Andrea Roodhoof - Middle Long Distance

Thomas Peters - Middle - LongDistance

Diego Armando - Long Distance

 Janssen Mercks - Sprint - Middle Distance

Houke Galish - Middle - LongDistance

De Grouth - Long Distance

 Desmeth Mathay - Long Distance

 Amiel - Middle Distance

Eric Limbourg - Middle - LongDistance

Patrick Del rue - Long Distance

George Bolle - Long Distance

Rhode Motta - Middle Distance

Maurice Cassaert - MiddleDistance

Gomaire Berbruggen - Middle -Long Distance

 Aarden - long distance

Bricoux - long distance

Delbar - Long distance

Engels - middle distance

Fabry - sprint - Middle distance

Grondelaer - Middle distance

Gurnay - Long distance

Hofkens - sprint / middledistance

Houben - middle distance

Huyskens - all distance Janssens- Sprint - middle distance

Leen Boers - young bird flyeronly

 Ludo Claessens - Sprint - Middle distance

Meulemans - Middle / longdistance

 Sion - long distance

Spanjaard - sprint / MiddleDistance

Stasseart - long distance

Stichelbaut - Long distance

Tourniers - middle/long distance

Van Reet - sprint

Van Riel - all distance

Van Loons - sprint/middledistance

Group 1 - The Sprinters Julien& Roland Janssens

Group 2 - Middle Distance.Janssen Brothers Van Loon Hofken Zoontjens Grondelaers Lichte Orleans Houbenâ€.Verbruggen Meulemans Bekaert

Group 3 - Long Distance JanAarden Devriendt Huyskens Van Riel Wonder Brakele Beulens Jos Thone

Para may guide kayo sa breedingat lines ng mga ibon……………TEAM GPFC



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